M67 Grenade Comp B - Vietnam Dated 1973

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Looking for quality Vietnam era M67 Grenades for display, War Memorial, or re-inacting? Well you're in luck! The GM67-V is an exact replica of the M67s first issued to troops fighting in the Vietnam War. They are dated 5-73 and the LOT number is from a production lot that was sent to Vietnam in 1973. 

Want one with a shipping container that has matching LOT number: available here.

RMI M67s are the finest, most accurate, and realistic reproduction M67s on the market. The Fuses, M213 spoons, shipping safety, confidence clips, and spring kits are US DOD surplus from real M67 grenades. The bodies are new production formed steel, NOT CAST IRON! Exterior finish is a light (jungle) olive drab.

The only two things missing are: the fragmentation coil and explosives. In every other regard these are new production M67s that are identical to US Army issue.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review