Refurbished M204A1 & M204A2 "Lemon" Grenade Fuze Assembly

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Refurbished Surplus M204 Grenade Fuze Assembly. Includes: Pin, Spoon, Fuze Head, and Spring Kit.  

M204A1 Fuzes are dated 1965. The threads are 9/16-12" and they do not have a "jungle" clip slot. These will fit ORIGINAL MK2 Pineapple Grenades & ORIGINAL "Lemon" practice grenades only. If a fuze head with a jungle clip slot at the bottom will screw into your grenade body then it is 5/8-11" threads.

The M204A2 Fuzes are dated 1969 with 5/8-11" threads & a "jungle" clip.These will fit aftermarket cast iron Lemons & Pineapples.

Spoons have been sandblasted, and refinished although may have surface pitting due to 50+ years of storage.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review